Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the authorities have fixed the target to set up 1,50,000 health and well-being centers (HWCs) with the aid of 2022. These centers would be established by transforming the present health sub-centers and number one health centers (PHCs) into HWCs. The HWCs will provide preventive, promotive, rehabilitative and healing care for an accelerated range of services encompassing mother and baby health offerings, communicable diseases, non-communicable sicknesses, aged care, oral health, ENT care, and fundamental emergency care. The offerings in HWCs might be supplied through a mid-degree healthcare provider/community fitness officer (CHO) at sub-center HWCs and a medical officer at PHC-HWC, supported with the aid of other personnel.
As on March 31, 2018, 1.58 lakh sub-centers and zero.26 lakh, number one fitness centers were functioning within the united states of America. There are around 9000 vacancies of PHC medical officials inside the country. Even if all the PHCs are transformed into HWCs, the government is still required to transform 1.24 lakh rural sub-centers into HWCs. This could mean that 1.24 lakh community health officials (CHO) need to be located at HWCs to be installed within the rural regions during us of a.
One of the chronicles demanding situations confronted through the authorities is to post medical officers at the fitness facilities in rural/semi-urban regions and ensure that they stay in these regions. As on March 31, 2018, 25 percent positions of scientific officers and seventy-four in keeping with cent of positions of professionals had been vacant at primary health centers and network fitness centers.

The erstwhile Medical Council of India has failed in its responsibility to educate an adequate number of medical specialists to provide health offerings within the rural/ semi-urban areas. According to the Indian Medical Association, approximately 10 lakh quacks exercise allopathic remedy in India, even though a few positioned this number at 25 lakh. According to IMA, there are 3 categories of quacks: those who have no qualification in any respect, the ones practice modern-day medication with tiers in opportunity systems like Ayurveda or Unani and the 0.33 education systems including electro-homeopathy and Indo-allopathy which haven’t any validity in India. In the absence of healthcare companies, rural humans don’t have any preference but to avail the services of those quacks. People appearance happy with the offerings furnished by the quacks as they may be close to their homes, available round the clock and their services are low priced. The IMA has to recognize that the untrained specialists have been practicing in India considering that a long time and the state of affairs wishes to be remedied with out losing any time.
The National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2019 surpassed through Parliament on August 1, 2019 seeks to repeal the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and offer for a medical schooling machine which ensures: (I) availability of adequate and incredible scientific specialists, (ii) adoption of the today’s clinical studies by using medical specialists, (iii) periodic evaluation of medical institutions, and (iv) an effective grievance redressal mechanism.
One of the provisions inside the NMC Bill handed by using Parliament is that the NMC might also provide a confined medication practice license to sure mid-stage practitioners related to the current medical career. These mid-stage practitioners may prescribe distinctive modern drug treatments in number one and preventive healthcare. In some other cases, those practitioners may most effective prescribe medicines beneath the supervision of a registered clinical practitioner. The government plans to position these practitioners at approximately 1.25 lakh new HWCs to be established by way of 2022.

It is this provision of granting restrained practice license to positive mid-stage practitioners that the Indian Medical Association is especially protesting and asking the docs to go on a strike. The IMA in the beyond has additionally resisted numerous efforts via the government to remedy the state of affairs and place clinical employees in rural areas. The IMA, being a powerful lobby, had thwarted diverse tasks inside the past, be it compulsory posting of latest medical graduates in rural regions or bridge path to AYUSH medical doctors to provide number one healthcare services in rural areas. The time has come that the state of affairs is certainly tackled in order that rural human beings also get excellent healthcare services. The passing of the National Medical Commission Bill is a welcome step that is in all likelihood to bring satisfactory fitness offerings near rural communities and also will bring many reforms within the healthcare device inside us of a.

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