Health coverage giant UnitedHealthcare has agreed to cover Myriad Genetics’ GeneSight depression test, giving a lift to the diagnostic corporation’s efforts to develop its sales.
In a submitting published on Thursday, Myriad said the decision covers the use of GeneSight in sufferers with major depressive disease or anxiety who’ve attempted as a minimum one earlier line of therapy without achievement.
Analysts at Cowen estimate the insurance decision should upload as much as $ seventy-five million to Myriad’s revenues in 2020. The analysts downgraded Myriad’s inventory final month, in element because they lacked “conviction within the outlook for broader GeneSight compensation insurance.”

Dive Insight:
The UnitedHealthcare decision adds GeneSight to the list of multi-gene panels it’ll reimburse. From October 1st, the insurer will reimburse providers that order the check, furnished the patient has been recognized with MDD or anxiety and has attempted at the least one treatment. While CMS best lets in psychiatrists to reserve the check, UnitedHealthcare will reimburse requests from all providers.
Securing coverage could raise the income of a product Myriad hopes will force growth. Prior to the news, Cowen forecast that income of GeneSight could rise 25% a subsequent year. Myriad may additionally now beat that forecast.
“Our revenue forecast now appears conservative based on the fine coverage decision by using [UnitedHealthcare] and capacity study-via to other personal payers,” analysts at Cowen wrote in a word to traders.
The analysts estimate the UnitedHealthcare selection could upload up to $75 million really worth of income in 2020. Myriad could upload even greater to its pinnacle-line if other payers comply with UnitedHealthcare’s lead or if the coverage decision reasons quantity boom to exceed expectancies. Shares in Myriad rose fifty-four % following news of the UnitedHealthcare choice.
That investor response displays the importance of GeneSight coverage to Myriad’s increase plans. Myriad obtained the take a look at in its $225 million takeovers of Assurex Health in 2016. At that time, Myriad stated the check had marketability in excess of $4 billion.
But GeneSight has failed to stay up to that ability in part because of a lack of payer insurance. Over the first nine months of Myriad’s modern-day monetary yr, it generated sales of $eighty two.9 million.
In 2017, the outcomes of a key, 1,300-subject scientific trial raised doubts approximately whether GeneSight might ever grow to be a chief product. Patients assessed with the check statistically completed no higher on a depression scale than their counterparts who acquired preferred of care.
UnitedHealthcare stated the examine in its insurance selection, noting the primary final results “become no longer different between the two companies.” However, different evidence, which includes the reality “there has been the tremendous distinction in response and remission,” led the payer to decide to cover the take a look at.

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