Actress and global icon Priyanka Chopra has been receiving numerous backlash and criticism on-line after photos of her smoking cigars submit a party with her family went viral lately. This has disappointed a variety of humans, fitness activists, and her fanatics alike who termed this photograph careless and insensitive, considering the reality that she herself found out ultimate yr approximately laid low with bad allergies for the reason that age of five.
In some photos which went viral, Priyanka, her husband Nick Jonas and her mother can all be visible smoking cigars at the seashore. She got brutally trolled on the net for doing so. Users called her a ‘hypocrite’ and ‘fake’, leaving comments like:

“Priyanka Chopra turned into suffering from Asthma attacks on Festival Diwali… Now she is taking a remedy to keep away from Asthma. Hypocrisy at its quality … #PriyankaChopra hate you @priyankachopra”
Some additionally said that even as it becomes her personal choice to pick out this life-style, it changed into very unfair and incorrect on her part to take a hypocritical stand.
For people who do not know, in a bid to spread attention and promote scientific useful resource, Priyanka, 37, while helping an advert marketing campaign spoke up about her warfare with the hard and continual breathing sickness considering she becomes a bit toddler.
She additionally advocated humans to take care of their health the use of inhalers, mentioning her personal example. She additionally stated that fighting bronchial asthma hadn’t stopped her from leading a normal existence. This action of hers became praised by so many humans, applauding her for elevating consciousness.
“Those who recognize me nicely understand that I’m an asthmatic. I imply, what’s to hide? I knew that I needed to control my asthma before it controlled me. As long as I’ve were given my inhaler, allergies can not forestall me from attaining my dreams”, Priyanka shared on Twitter.
In some other try to discourage human beings from bursting crackers at some point of Diwali and elevating awareness about the spread of chest infections and breathing diseases due to a spike in air pollutants, she pleaded people to celebrate the festival with love and now not pollutants.
In a video which she published online, she may be heard pronouncing, “Please meri saas ko book rakhiye. Diwali pe patakho ko skip kijiye. (Please spare my lungs and skip the crackers this Diwali)
Many fans also took on the possibility to dig out a vintage tweet of hers in which she says she hates smoking. In one among her replies, Priyanka tweeted, “Smoking is lousy!!! Yuck!!!”
What makes smoking so dangerous?
While smoking in itself exposes you to lots of dangers, any type of smoke (even the passive ones) from cigars, pipes or cigarettes acts as a huge cause for the ones stricken by even mild kinds of asthma. It simplest adds to the harm. Talking approximately the equal, Dr. Prashant Saxena, Associate Director and Head (Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine) & Associate Director (Critical Care), Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket provides:
“Smoking, both lively and passive through cigarettes, bidi, chukka, and so on is a known risk thing that can cause bronchial asthma assaults in all age businesses in particular youngsters. Patients who have pre-present allergic problems or are asthmatics are more at risk of developing bronchial asthma flare-u.S.When uncovered. Elderly populace and youngsters are at risk of broadening such assaults.”
“Smoke aggravates the aviation routes of our body, making them swollen, restrained, and loaded up with sticky physical fluid called mucus, very comparable things that occur throughout an allergies attack. That is the reason smoking can cause bronchial asthma flare-ups (or attacks) to occur all of the more regularly. They likewise can be an increasing number of severe and harder to manipulate, in spite of pills”, says Dr. Akshay Budhraja, Consultant, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital, Dwarka.
What it also does is force the frame to produce extra mucus than standard, which once more can get trapped within the airways and trigger attacks. Adds Dr. Dr. Alpa Dalal, Chest Physician and head of Pulmonary Medicine at Jupiter Hospital, “It is a well-known reality that long term smoking causes chronic bronchitis or COPD (persistent obstructive pulmonary disorders), but for sufferers who be afflicted by Asthma, smoking can lead to frequent Asthma exacerbations, lifestyles threatening bronchial asthma attacks and that they broaden COPD a whole lot faster than non asthmatic smokers .”

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