Sean Kuechenmeister: One of the most commonplace myths that I pay attention is that, if unused, muscle groups converts into fat. It’s actually essential to mention that muscular tissues have muscle cells and fats tissue has fats cells. They are not interchangeable. By no approach is it chemically or bodily possible for muscle mass to convert over to fat and vice versa, fat into muscle.
Narrator: That’s…
Kuechenmeister: Sean Kuechenmeister, I’m a medical athletic instructor at the New York Sports Science Lab in Staten Island, New York.

Narrator: And he’s considered one of three athletic trainers we introduced into our studios.
Janeil Mason: My call’s Janeil Mason.
Andy Stern: My name is Andy Stern.
Narrator: To debunk 17 of the maximum not unusual workout myths.
Kuechenmeister: It genuinely relies upon on your dreams. Training fasted inside the morning is extra conducive to losing fat. Because whilst you awaken, you are in a fasted nation.

Kuechenmeister: Your body is basically eating itself. So it is looking at fats storage. It’s searching at muscle storage. That’s the time in which, in case your aim is to lose weight and just slender down, lean down, this is the first-rate time to optimize that window for training.
Narrator: But…
Kuechenmeister: In phrases of the effectiveness of training is preferred, I do not think it genuinely matters. You simply need to ensure that, in case you are schooling at night time, you aren’t fatiguing your self throughout the day.
So, while most people assume stretching, they are thinking static stretching. You acquire a certain role, you keep that function, and your intention is to increase your variety of motion. The hassle with that is, you can end up without a doubt free. And in case you observe that sort of stretching with something explosive or something ballistic or something electricity-based, you now have a free tissue, or you’ve got a lax joint, and you are now not gonna be able to produce as tons pressure and you could additionally doubtlessly lead yourself to be injured due to the fact you’re not as stable.
Stern: So, one of my favored is when it is the holidays, proper, and you have that aunt or uncle that’s similar to, “Yeah, I’m just seeking to lose it, like, proper here,” and they start pinching the decrease abdomen. I’m like, “Oh, exceptional, you can not spot-reduce the component which you need.” And in exact information, it does not go the alternative manner either. It’s no longer like, after I eat a cheeseburger, it’ll cross right to my proper hip.
Narrator: And if you are attempting to lower your frame fats, aerobic is not the best way to do it.
Kuechenmeister: Cardio doesn’t burn fat. Cardio burns energy. So in case, your aim is to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit. So as part of moving into that caloric deficit, doing cardiovascular physical activities is useful. But in case you’re no longer ingesting a weight loss plan or in case you’re now not monitoring your caloric consumption on top of that and making sure which you are in that deficit, no amount of aerobic that you do, you can not outrun a horrific diet.
Narrator: And, in truth, doing to plenty aerobic can honestly be a bad aspect.

Kuechenmeister: If all you are doing is cardio with the purpose of losing weight, you may start to burn into that muscle tissue. So in case you’re burning into your lean muscle tissue now, you could, in reality, be slowing down your metabolism, you can be decreasing your bone density, and you may be making your self weaker. Well, it is why I assume this fantasy is potentially the maximum risky an unfavorable one for the general population.
Narrator: But it may no longer be as common as the belief that…
Kuechenmeister: I love this one. One fantasy I hear all of the time is that muscle weighs greater than fats. A pound of bricks weighs the same as a pound of feathers. So it’s no longer that muscle weighs more than fat, it is that muscle is greater dense than fat. So in phrases of you constructing muscle, you could add weight on the scale. The scale isn’t always the high-quality indicator of progress while we’re seeking to develop our physique. And frequently, before everything, you may add muscle and the scale will replicate which you’re heavier. But over the years, information that for all the lean muscle you have got, you are increasing your resting energy burned in keeping with day. That’s lengthy-term sustainable alternate in your body as opposed to just doing cardio classes and going into a caloric deficit and ravenous your self.
Narrator: Of direction, building muscle isn’t always only for men.
Mason: Women suppose that they may bulk up in the event that they begin working out. And if it’s the look you are going for, I assume this is amazing. ‘Cause you’re doing something that you need to do. But in case you are operating out for general well-being and health, I do not need you to be afraid to lift heavyweights. You’re no longer going to get cumbersome, with the aid of nature.
Narrator: And, in truth, weight lifting is specifically important for ladies.

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